All brokers used are subject to regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Australian Securities and Investment Commissions (ASIC). 

Aveiq Capital Management Group is subject to rigorous oversight and maximizes the protection of all assets through a multitude of safety checks. Risk management is placed upon all operations within the firm. With our innovative structure, our funds are managed wholly by Aveiq Capital; never a third party.


In an era where there is no greater commodity than trust, Aveiq Capital is a private proprietary firm that adheres to the best possible fiduciary and ethical standards, in line with our universal mission of transparency. We function as a major economic institution, required to maintain a massive capital cushion, keep our own records, and endure extensive examination by means of regulators and public accountants. However, we do not allow our financial cushion to be placed at risk nor let our assets out of our hands.